CityStar® What is page status?

What is page status?


In every CityStar® site, all resources are assigned a ranking called Page Status. Higher status resources are displayed above lower status resources. Resources are awarded Page Status for their class (i.e. featured listing, website listing, Flat Rate Listing), and within each Page Status, resources are displayed in alphabetical order by business or organization name. Page Status is awarded as follows:

  1. 9.30 > Video listings
  2. 9.00 > Featured listings with hot button (no longer offered)
  3. 8.00 > Featured listings
  4. 7.00 > Basic listings
  5. 6.90 > Flat Rate Listings (no longer offered)
  6. 6.78 > Quickadd listings (no longer offered)


Additional incremental Page Status is awarded for linking back to CityStar sites and for purchasing other CityStar services. For example, a site that links to a CityStar site is awarded 0.01 in additional Page Status.

Again, within a particular Page Status, the results are displayed in alphabetical order by name.